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Help, my boyfriend's breath smells like something has died. Seriously, it's THAT BAD

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It's gross I know. Kissing someone who's breath stinks like something has died is horrible. And mints can only mask the problem for so long.

I guess it's small comfort to know that almost half the adult population of the US and, as claimed in Japan more than half the adult population suffers from bad breath. Doesn't help you to know these facts when he's puckering up, ready for that goodnight tongue fest.

And then I guess it doesn't comfort you to know that the root cause of the smell of a dead thing inside someone's mouth is caused by a chemical called CADAVERINE.

(click here for wiki's definition of cadaverine)

Cadaverine is a colorless evil-smelling molecule that forms when animal tissue putrefies, otherwise know as rotting. You might notice that cadaverine is derived from the word cadaver, meaning corpse. So, your boyfriend most likely has some rotting food...more than likely his mouth.

Get him to brush his teeth properly and he absolutely has to floss too. Make sure he flosses thoroughly.

How do you tell him in a nice way to do this? Tricky, very tricky this one.

But here's a few ways NOT to tell him that his breath stinks like a dead animal:

1. Just before he's about to kiss you, put a clothes peg on your nose and say...ok then I'm ready!

2. Instead of calling him 'my honeykins', calling him 'yo barf breath, wanna hang out tonight?"

I say you use the magic formula "kiss + kiss + slap", which is shorthand for saying 'two compliments + home truth'

So it's

1 x compliment: honey, you look so sexy tonight

1 x compliment: and my friends think you're sexy too

1 x home truth: you know sometimes, your breath ain't quite so fresh, maybe you should think about flossing a little more?

I don't know if this will work, but try it and let me know!!!